Wax Discs

Flawless, Easy to Carve, Resin-Free

This ideal wax material is versatile, easy to use, and has a unique flexibility which allows the crowns to adapt flawlessly to framework.

Beige Wax Great for Carving & Adding On!

  • Contains NO resin components
  • Easy to cast and press
  • Easy to carve and modify
  • Can be recycled
  • Can be used as injector wax or carving wax
  • Burns out cleanly leaving no residue
  • for 98mm with step & 110mm for DentMill

 NEW!  White Wax Great for Diagnostic Cases!

  • Semi-Translucent White
  • Perfect for aesthetic diagnostic cases
  • Easy to mill

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Milling RG wax is smooth and easy with no melting or gumming. RG’s diamond-coated milling machine tools work great with this wax!