Stains, Effects, and Markers

Stains – 16 Vita Shades, Water Based and alcohol free

  • Optimal dip time is 30 seconds for Anterior Zirconias & 1 minute for High Translucent Zirconias
  • Optimized for all zirconia brands/types
  • Absorbs deep and does not leave spots on the surface
  • Red, brown, grey and green colors are more vivid than competitors
  • Can be used in any sintering furnace
  • Dry before sintering
  • Sold in 100ml bottles


  • Use before sintering
  • Available in 4 Colors:
  • Light & Dark Pink for gingival (apply prior to dipping)
  • Blue and gray for translucency (apply prior to dipping)
  • Brown for cervical and fissures (apply after dipping)
  • IMA: Intelligent Multilayer Advancer
  • Sold in 50ml bottles


  • Multi-brushing and multi-layering
  • Available in Red, Blue, Brown and Green
  • Prevents the stain from infiltrating the inside of the crown thus creating the perfect transition
  • Sold in 15ml bottles