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Zirconia Milling Bur (Ballnose End Mill 6mm Shank)


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A variety of tool dimensions for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing are available for milling Zirconia, Titanium, Chrome Cobalt, PMMA, and Wax! The coating and use of a specific grade of carbide is the key to maximizing precision, accuracy, tool life, as well as the integrity of the restorations. Each tool’s design is unique to adapt to a variety of different materials. The tools are specifically engineered to accomodate to all modern milling machines.

  • Long-lasting
  • Diamond-coated burs for zirconia perform up to 700°C vs. 350°C by the competitors
  • Highest quality and strength available on the market
  • Diamond-coated burs have 10,000 HV vs. 2,000 HV of competitors
  • Accommodates most mills and tooling strategies
  • Multi-material use