NEW! Alloys Available for Fixed and Removable Restorations

mainmetall with rocksRG now offers a variety of alloy materials for fixed and removable restorations from Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH.

Casting Bonding Alloys

RG offers several different Chrome Cobalt (CoCr)-based and Nickel (Ni)-based alloys for fixed restorations. Each alloy’s composition and properties are indication-specific, ensuring that RG has the right alloy for the case at-hand.

Partial Denture Alloys

RG’s line of partial denture alloys offers five different CoCr-based materials. Each material varies in hardness, composition, carbon content, and ease of polishing. Whether you need an alloy with excellent spring-hard properties, easy polishing, or a super-hard material for very thin structures, RG has the solution.


All alloys are 8mm x 15mm ingots/pellets available per kilogram.

Call RG at 855-472-8282 for more information or to place an order.