High Translucent & Substructure Zirconia Now Available in New Diameters

Alle_Geometrien_Reihe_Einhefter_RThe Doceram Medical Ceramics’ Nacera Zirconia in the High Translucent/Full contour (Pearl 1-5) and Substructure/coping material (Shell 1-3) are now available in different diameters.

In the past, this material was only available in the 98.3mm with step and 98.3mm without step for use in the Roland, Wieland, Bruxzir, IMES, Datron, and Roeders milling machines. The Pearl and Shell materials will now be available through RG in a variety of heights for the Zirkon Zahn mill (requiring the 95mm-notched shape) and the Amann Girrbach (D-Shape with Holder).

Please call RG at 855-472-8282 with questions or to place an order!