Material Certifications A “Must” For Dentists

As the market becomes saturated with more and more zirconia and alloy materials, it is increasingly difficult to verify the quality and composition. As a result, material certifications, composition sheets, and MSDS documentation are in high demand.

To manage this demand, the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council works diligently to make the quality materials known and attainable. The council is a non-profit within the dental industry that provides certificates verifying the composition and ADA classification to qualified suppliers. Qualified and registered suppliers inclUntitledude the certificates with the materials shipped to dental laboratories. These dental laboratories then keep a copy for themselves and pass along
a certificate to their dentists with every case. The IdentAlloy Council reports that requests for certificates verifying dental material content are more critical than ever. Over 20.7 million certificates were provided to manufacturers in 2013, and there was an 11.3% increase in IdentAlloy/IdentCeram certificate demand from 2012 to 2013.

A nationwide survey of dentists conducted by the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council found that 91.2% favor composition certification of the restorative materials they prescribe. Additionally, over 97% reported that dental labs who include free materials certification with every case are preferred. The IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council survey also requested dentists to indicate the major benefits of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram materials certification program. Here are the front-runners:

93.9%              “Ensuring material quality and content”

75.8%              “Attesting to the quality of the lab.”

54.5%              “Improving risk management”

36.4%              “Streamlining record-keeping”

The growing demand for materials verification, not only ensures the quality and composition of the products being used, but makes record-keeping easier and risk-management more effective for both the dental laboratory and the dentist. Chuck Yenkner, Executive Director of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council, explains, “it costs dentists and labs nothing to request the certificates. They then have a way to document their choice of material for patients and every other stakeholder in the procedure.”

The Ratava Group (RG) is committed to distributing high quality products that make the dental technician’s work easier and final restorations more beautiful. RG provides IdentAlloy and IdentCeram Certificates free of charge for all materials. These materials include Zirconia, Chrome Cobalt (Type 4) CAD/CAM Discs, and Titanium (Grade 5) CAD/CAM Discs.


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RG Exhibits at DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium for 3rd Year

This past weekend RG trekked across the country to the Dental Laboratory Owners Association of California (DLOAC) 11th Annual CAD/CAM Symposium. RG has
exhibited and presented at the CAD/CAM Symposium for the past three years and this is easily one of RG’s favorite shows. This year the show was a little different than in previous years, as it was held on Halloween weekend. Although we think this may have been the reason the show wasn’t as busy as previous years, it was certainly the reason for the show being more light-Allison & Robyn 1hearted and fun!

The DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium is always the perfect opportunity to visit our west coast customers! RG flew out to California a day early to visit a few new and long-time customers. It is so important to see how our technicians and labs operate on a day-to-day basis, so that we can better understand the needs of our customers and learn how to serve them best.

The first day of the symposium was Halloween. RG got into the spirit and decorated the booth with creepy-crawly spiders, cobwebs, and candy, of course! All of the booths offered candy and a few exhibitors even wore costumes. Our neighboring exhibitors from TD Dental Supply costumed as Jesse and Walt from Breaking Bad, which got quite a laugh from most of the attendees.

On the mornings of Friday and Saturday, the DLOAC had presentations that offer CE credits to dental technicians. RG’s President & Founder Allison Raver presented on Saturday morning. The room was nearly full on Saturday in anticipation for Allison’s presentation. RG’s presentation offered several helpful hints for optimizing production using various products and getting a longer life out of milling machine tools. This was very different from other present
ations, which were more sales-focused. It was great to see attendees taking pictures and videos of the RG presentation, as we know what the lab owners and technicians are finding to be useful. It is exciting that our presentations are helpful and add value. It also helps that Allison is a very dynamic presenter! RG is proud that customers call in months and years down the road and mention how memorable the information and delivery was at past presentations.

At the close of the show on Saturday, RG packed up and made one last, very important stop: In-N-Out Burger!! Can you say “Double-Double Animal Style?!?”

This year the symposium was very well organized and ran incredibly smooth. The organization did an excellent job of planning for the exhibitors, attendees, and their families. RG is looking forward to exhibiting at the 12th Annual DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium in 2015!

RG Publishes New Catalog

A new, updated catalog for RG’s CAD/CAM Materials Catalog coverand Accessories is now available! In the past year, RG has added over 500 SKUs to their existing line of high quality products.

With tradeshow season around the corner, RG has revamped the catalog to not only include all new availabilities, but to provide more technical data and helpful hints for using the materials. Where most catalogs serve as solely as a buyer’s guide, RG believes the catalog should be an educational tool for customers. The new RG catalog made its debut at the DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium in Garden Grove, CA October 31st – November 2nd.

The catalog  includes new products, such as a Scan Spray, Occlusal Spray, Diamond Polishing Paste, and Multi-Layered PMMA. RG has also added to their vast line of diamond-coated and carbide milling machine tools for Zirconia, CoCr, Ti, Wax, and PMMA.

Call RG today for your copy!  855-472-8282

Now Offering White Diagnostic Wax

Dx Wax 3

To meet growing customer demand, The Ratava Group (RG) has added a new product to their line of CAD/CAM materials and accessories: a white/opaque, millable diagnostic wax.

RG’s White Diagnostic Wax is a high quality, competitively-priced item. This new product is a millable, low-cost product that gives the patient, dentist, and technician an accurate preview of how the finished restoration will look and what is realistically attainable for a patient.

RG prides itself on its customer service and meeting the demands of the constantly evolving CAD/CAM marketplace. Discs are currently available in the 98mm with step in the 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25mm heights. All RG products are stocked and ship from Tampa, Florida.

New RG Team Member

The Ratava Group (RG) is excited to announce that we have welcomed another new team member, Codi Patinella! Codi iIMG_9962s currently earning a Bachelors Degree at the University of South Florida and has interned for RG for the past three academic semesters. Codi is responsible for social media management, tradeshow planning, product research and analytics, and customer service. “I look forward to combining a customer-focused approach with strong product knowledge, to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients!”—Codi Patinella. It is RG’s philosophy that providing customers with above-and-beyond service is essential to company growth and to satisfied, life-long customers. This growth in our team will undoubtedly add a new level to the personal, hands-on element of our existing customer service initiatives. Allison Raver, President of RG, is excited to have Codi officially on board and stated “Codi is a valuable addition to the RG Team. Her expertise in social media, unparalleled energy, and ability to work with people make her a fabulous addition! RG is a distributor of German-Made Dental CAD/CAM products to dental laboratories in U.S. and Canada.

RG Exhibits at LMT’s LabDay West!

Last month, RG journeyed from sunny Florida to sunnier California for LMT’s Annual LabDay West in Garden Grove. Although LabDay West only has one day of exhibits, it is one of the most fun, productive shows of the year! The day before the exhibition hall opens to west-coast dental laboratory owners, technicians, milling centers, and vendors, the show hosts several workshops and classes throughout the day. These are great for learning more about the latest technologies manufacturers have to offer, for dental technicians to collaborate, and for networking!

RG attended the Datron classroom to learn more about what makes the Datron machine so different from other machines in terms of efficiency, restoration quality, and material (i.e. milling tool) preservation. The team also discussed their ROI calculator and analyzed what type of usage is required to justify purchasing such a machine. This was particularly interesting to those who have been outsourcing a lot of custom abutments and titanium implant bars.

RG President, Allison Raver, assists two CDT's at the RG booth at LabDay West.

RG President, Allison Raver, assists two CDT’s at the RG booth at LabDay West.

RG also attended the Core3d Centres aCADemy classroom where Mr. Mark Ferguson discussed 3Shape and the fundamentals of scanning and design, as well as implant and implant bar design. He threw in several shortcuts and tricks of the trade, which seemed to be much appreciated by the technicians in attendance.

In the evening, RG attended the Anaheim Ducks vs. L.A. Kings NHL Playoff Game seven at the Honda Center with clients. It is our philosophy that fun must always be mixed with business!

The following day, the exhibition hall was flooded with LabDay attendees from all over the west coast who are searching for the right materials and tools for their CAD/CAM laboratories or are looking for the right vendors to help them set up CAD/CAM. RG loves exhibit day at LabDay West, as it gives us a chance to have face-to-face meetings with our west coast customers whom we don’t always get to see. We also have a chance to meet new customers. It is one of RG’s passions to not just sell products, but to work with customers to help find the right solutions to fit their needs, goals, and growth.

Since RG goes to California only a few times per year and the team members crave In-N-Out burgers, the company’s President, Allison Raver, decided to order 100 cheeseburgers and fries (held the Animal style, as we didn’t think the Hyatt would be too pleased with the mess!) and served them to tradeshow attendees who shared the same California In-N-Out craving! We think they were a hit…we certainly enjoyed them!

RG jetsetted back to headquarters in Tampa, Florida after the show, but not before taking a scenic detour up the California coast and getting dinner at Captain Jack’s in Sunset Beach with our friends and colleagues at Core3d Centres.

The trip to Cali was fun, fast, and really productive. RG is very excited about the old and new connections that were made at the show and hope that it is not too long before we head back to the west coast!

RG Attends the FDLA 2014 Annual Symposium

Earlier this month, the RG team traveled to the Renaissance Hotel in Orlando, Florida to attend the FDLA (Florida Dental Laboratory Association) Annual Symposium.

fdlalogoThis was a first-time attendance at FDLA for two members of the RG team! Codi and Mo, RG’s newest team additions, had the opportunity to explore competing materials, learn about the newest innovations in milling and CAD/CAM technology, and network.

It seems that this year, there is a great focus on water-based vs. acid-based staining systems for Zirconia. Although it has been traditionally recommended that acid-based staining systems be used because of their ability to better penetrate zirconia, water-based stains are increasing in popularity because of ease of use. Origin B&D and Ivoclar/Wieland are now promoting dipping the zirconia into water-based stains instead of painting with acid-based stains.

The FDLA Symposium is traditionally smaller than other industry tradeshows, especially if one is used to the over-packed, whirlwind nature of the LMT LabDays, but is the perfect time and opportunity to connect with other Florida-based distributors and dental laboratories. It is amazing how no matter what dental lab tradeshow you attend, large or small, there is always a great buzz and excitement in the air!


The RG Team Continues to Grow!

Account Manager--Florida State

Mo Atfeh, Account Manager–Florida State

Ratava Group (RG) is excited to announce that we have welcomed a new account manager, Mo Atfeh, to our ever-growing team! Mo joins RG with Bachelors Degrees in Biomedical Science and Psychology from The University of South Florida, as well as a customer-oriented approach! Mo is responsible for sales initiatives and product inquiries in the state of Florida for RG. “I look forward to combining a customer-focused approach with strong product knowledge, to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients!”—Mo Atfeh. It is RG’s philosophy that providing customers with above-and-beyond service is essential to company growth and to satisfied, life-long customers. This growth in our sales team will undoubtedly add a new level to the personal, hands-on element of our existing customer service initiatives. Allison Raver, President of RG, is excited to be expanding RG’s team and stated “I look forward to continuing to work with Mo and am confident that he will be a valuable resource for Florida-based labs and milling centers.” RG is a distributor of German-Made Dental CAD/CAM products to dental laboratories in U.S. and Canada.

RG Expands Product Line for Dental Laboratories

In today’s market, CAD/CAM technology is quickly becoming the law of the land in terms of the production of fixed dental restorations. It has always been The Ratava Group’s initiative to provide the most high quality, technologically advanced products to dental technicians and CDTs across North America.

Although High Translucent Zirconia, Chrome Cobalt (Type 4), Titanium (Grade 5), Wax, and PMMA are all necessities for the CAD/CAM lab, RG found that there are a lot of technicians and labs who are looking for other products that are not always easy to find! RG has expanded their product line to include milling machine tools for almost any mill, sintering beads that do not cause yellowing or pinkish hues, and an awesome sintering oven cleaner.

In the past few months, there has been a steadily increasing demand for multi-layered PMMA. RG has recently added a multi-layered PMMA to their all-German product line up. The multi-layered PMMA has a five-layer gradient and is available in VITA shades A1-B2 and comes in the 16mm and 20mm heights for 98.3 with step, 100mm without step, Amann Girrbach, and Zirkon Zahn mills.

In RG’s conversations with customers and at tradeshows, we also found that many technicians are looking for a polishing paste that doesn’t smudge or splatter. RG has since added to the German product line a diamond polishing paste that only requires 1-2g of paste per case and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residues or splatter marks. The product is very simple, but is a necessity and is flying off the shelves!

RG is really excited for these additions to the product line. Getting necessary products that save time and are simple to use into the hands of North America’s skilled technicians is RG’s top priority….after top-notch customer service, of course!!

RG’s German-made wax is manufactured with the dental laboratory technician in mind. Unlike most waxes, this wax is extremely smooth, easy to carve, and is recyclable! This video demonstrates just how smooth milling RG wax is. The wax is so high-quality, that leftover or unmilled pieces of wax can be re-molded and carved or melted down and used as injector wax. The quality of the material and ease of use saves technicians money and, more importantly, time at the bench!

RG Attends LMT’s LabDay Chicago!

Lab Day Chicago

Constance Ludwig (Doceram Medical Ceramics), Carola Froelich (Merz Dental), Frank Poerschke (MDT), Allison Raver (Ratava Group), Robyn Handy (Ratava Group)

Last month The Ratava Group team attended LabDay Chicago, which for the last thirty years has been held at the Sheraton Hotel on the river. LabDay Chicago is always a great show characterized by its basement setting and whirlwind nature. Over the years, the show in the Sheraton’s basement has become one of North America’s largest annual tradeshows drawing attendees from all over the globe!

Dental lab owners and technicians attend lab day to find solutions for their laboratory needs and to see the latest, most technologically advanced products on the market. This year at LabDay Chicago the hype was all about the multilayered PMMA and multilayered zirconia discs! There were several presentations at the show each day, which focused on different aspects of the dental laboratory business. The Ratava Group delivered an educational presentation on the uses, profitability, and residual business that can be achieved with high translucent PMMA on behalf of Merz Dental.

RG was really hoping to announce the acquisition of Health Canada Approval and Certification for their line of Chrome Cobalt and Grade 5 Titanium CAD/CAM discs, but the approval was not available in time for the show. RG is really hoping the tedious process of obtaining Health Canada Certification will be over soon, so that Canadian Dental Labs and milling centers can have more options when it comes to milling non-precious metals. RG may not have been able to announce Health Canada Approval at the show, but they were able to expand their offerings for long-lasting milling machine tools!

In the evenings after the show exhibitors and attendees gathered, as always, at the Sheraton Chicago Chi Bar to catch up with colleagues and for more CAD/CAM talk. RG attended the CAP (Custom Automated Prosthetics) happy hour in the Colorado room and had the opportunity to meet a few really great technicians and dental laboratory owners and discuss the latest products and trends in digital dentistry. RG also had a chance to meet with Glenn with Roland DGA who is an expert on the milling machines. It is always great to catch up with the Roland team!

After attending the happy hour on Friday evening, RG had dinner at Howell’s and Hood on N. Michigan Avenue with the Delcam team, as well as the representatives from RG’s German manufacturers, Merz Dental and Doceram Medical Ceramics. The freshly-tapped Chicago-brewed beer paired well with gigantic cheeseburgers!

A trip to the Windy City is never complete without deep-dish pizza! RG concluded LabDay Chicago on Saturday evening by attending a meet and greet at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria hosted by Datron. Datrons are advanced, high-tech milling machines, so it was great to have the chance to talk with the Datron team. RG also had the opportunity to meet the owner of iMilling, who has several milling machines, including a Datron, and to get his perspective on the various machines and millable materials.

As always, LabDay Chicago was fun, fast-paced, and really productive. RG is looking forward to exhibiting at LabDay Chicago again in 2015!