NEW! 615 MPa Ultra Translucent Zirconia

Fusion Crowns 2RG has added to their current line of zirconia, an ultra high translucent material that is available in white and five pre-shaded options.

  • 615 MPa
  • perfect for anterior crowns
  • bridges up to four units

All white and pre-shaded options are fully stocked in Tampa, FL in the 98mm with step in heights 12mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

R0: White/non-preshaded            R3: A3-A4, B3-4
R1: A1/B1                                         R4: C&D Range Light
R2: A2/B2                                        R5: C&D Range Dark

NEW! Alloys Available for Fixed and Removable Restorations

mainmetall with rocksRG now offers a variety of alloy materials for fixed and removable restorations from Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH.

Casting Bonding Alloys

RG offers several different Chrome Cobalt (CoCr)-based and Nickel (Ni)-based alloys for fixed restorations. Each alloy’s composition and properties are indication-specific, ensuring that RG has the right alloy for the case at-hand.

Partial Denture Alloys

RG’s line of partial denture alloys offers five different CoCr-based materials. Each material varies in hardness, composition, carbon content, and ease of polishing. Whether you need an alloy with excellent spring-hard properties, easy polishing, or a super-hard material for very thin structures, RG has the solution.


All alloys are 8mm x 15mm ingots/pellets available per kilogram.

Call RG at 855-472-8282 for more information or to place an order.




High Translucent & Substructure Zirconia Now Available in New Diameters

Alle_Geometrien_Reihe_Einhefter_RThe Doceram Medical Ceramics’ Nacera Zirconia in the High Translucent/Full contour (Pearl 1-5) and Substructure/coping material (Shell 1-3) are now available in different diameters.

In the past, this material was only available in the 98.3mm with step and 98.3mm without step for use in the Roland, Wieland, Bruxzir, IMES, Datron, and Roeders milling machines. The Pearl and Shell materials will now be available through RG in a variety of heights for the Zirkon Zahn mill (requiring the 95mm-notched shape) and the Amann Girrbach (D-Shape with Holder).

Please call RG at 855-472-8282 with questions or to place an order!

Gingival-Shaded PMMA Now Available


Merz Dental’s Gingival-Shaded PMMA “Rose”


RG has expanded their extensive line of PMMA products to include gingival-shaded PMMA for CAD/CAM milling of denture-based restorations.

Currently, this product is available in the 25mm height for mills requiring the 98.5mm with step, 95mm-notched, or 100mm without step discs.

The gingival-shaded PMMA is available in “Rose” and more shades for the denture-based material will be available soon!


If you have any questions or to place an order, call: 855-472-8282


RG to Exhibit at LabDay Chicago 2015

RG will be exhibiting again this year at LabDay Chicago.  The show will be held February 27-28 at the Hyatt on East Wacker Street. RG will be located at booth D-42 and looks forward to seeing you there!

RG will be offering a show special on milling machine tools for the Roland DWX-50 mill—Buy 2, Get 2 FREE!! Take advantage of the special while supplies last and see what other awesome products RG has to offer!!


Click the logo above to sign-up for your entrance badge to LDC2015.

NEW Customized Milling Strategy for Roland DWX-50 Users

THE RATAVA GROUP now offers a customized milling tool strategy. The strategy is a tool selection module programmed specifically for use with RG’s diamond and carbide milling tools in the Roland DWX-50. The software increases the number of units milled, optimizes tool lifetime, and eliminates any chipping or margin issues and tool breakage. The strategy is free of charge to RG tool customers.

RG-Diamond Tools for Roland DWX-50

RG-Diamond Tools for Roland DWX-50


For more information, call 855-472-8282.

Health Canada Approval for Titanium and Chrome Cobalt Achieved!

A new Grade 5 Titanium and Chrome Cobalt (Type 4) product line is now Health Canada Approved and availabHealth Canadale for sale in Canada! Currently, very few manufacturers of Titanium and Chrome Cobalt have Health Canada approval, and it has been difficult for Canadian dental laboratories and milling centers to find high quality products. German manufacturer Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH and their exclusive, North American distributor, The Ratava Group, have been working diligently since 2013 to gain Health Canada approval for their non-precious metal CAD/CAM products.

Eisenbacher’s products are made using only the highest quality of materials, which make for a very high strength, easy to mill, and corrosion-resistant product. Discs are available with or without a step ring in a variety of heights. All products are fully stocked and shipped from The Ratava Group in Tampa, Florida!

For more information please contact The Ratava Group toll-free at 855-472-8282 or email

New Northeast Distributor!

RG proudly announces a new distributor of RG’s CAD/CAM products: Empire Dental Supplies.

Empire Dental Supplies is based in New Jersey and has served the greater New York area for over 25 years. As the needs and demands of the dental laboratory market evolved to include ceramic, temporary, and non-precious options for milling dental restorations, Empire decided to grow their product line to accommodate their customers’ needs.

The Empire team understands the needs of the CAD/CAM marketplace and offers personalized, face-to-face customer service.

Call Mark Kovalenko at 888-505-9667 today to learn more about Empire Dental Supplies’ product and service offering!

New Height Available for Multi-Layered PMMA

RG’s Multi-Layered PMMA is popular because of its natural and highly aesthetic appearance.  In the past, this product was only availaIMG_0396ble in 16mm and 20mm heights, and not every case could be accommodated. Due to popular demand, RG is now offering the 98x25mm Multi-Layered PMMA and is available in shades A1-A2, B1 & BL2!

RG is proud to announce this new size availability, as it offers dental technicians more material to work with for large-span and taller bridges!

To order call (855) 472-8282 or email