Health Canada Approval for Titanium and Chrome Cobalt Achieved!

A new Grade 5 Titanium and Chrome Cobalt (Type 4) product line is now Health Canada Approved and availabHealth Canadale for sale in Canada! Currently, very few manufacturers of Titanium and Chrome Cobalt have Health Canada approval, and it has been difficult for Canadian dental laboratories and milling centers to find high quality products. German manufacturer Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH and their exclusive, North American distributor, The Ratava Group, have been working diligently since 2013 to gain Health Canada approval for their non-precious metal CAD/CAM products.

Eisenbacher’s products are made using only the highest quality of materials, which make for a very high strength, easy to mill, and corrosion-resistant product. Discs are available with or without a step ring in a variety of heights. All products are fully stocked and shipped from The Ratava Group in Tampa, Florida!

For more information please contact The Ratava Group toll-free at 855-472-8282 or email

New Northeast Distributor!

RG proudly announces a new distributor of RG’s CAD/CAM products: Empire Dental Supplies.

Empire Dental Supplies is based in New Jersey and has served the greater New York area for over 25 years. As the needs and demands of the dental laboratory market evolved to include ceramic, temporary, and non-precious options for milling dental restorations, Empire decided to grow their product line to accommodate their customers’ needs.

The Empire team understands the needs of the CAD/CAM marketplace and offers personalized, face-to-face customer service.

Call Mark Kovalenko at 888-505-9667 today to learn more about Empire Dental Supplies’ product and service offering!

New Height Available for Multi-Layered PMMA

RG’s Multi-Layered PMMA is popular because of its natural and highly aesthetic appearance.  In the past, this product was only availaIMG_0396ble in 16mm and 20mm heights, and not every case could be accommodated. Due to popular demand, RG is now offering the 98x25mm Multi-Layered PMMA and is available in shades A1-A2, B1 & BL2!

RG is proud to announce this new size availability, as it offers dental technicians more material to work with for large-span and taller bridges!

To order call (855) 472-8282 or email

Material Certifications A “Must” For Dentists

As the market becomes saturated with more and more zirconia and alloy materials, it is increasingly difficult to verify the quality and composition. As a result, material certifications, composition sheets, and MSDS documentation are in high demand.

To manage this demand, the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council works diligently to make the quality materials known and attainable. The council is a non-profit within the dental industry that provides certificates verifying the composition and ADA classification to qualified suppliers. Qualified and registered suppliers inclUntitledude the certificates with the materials shipped to dental laboratories. These dental laboratories then keep a copy for themselves and pass along
a certificate to their dentists with every case. The IdentAlloy Council reports that requests for certificates verifying dental material content are more critical than ever. Over 20.7 million certificates were provided to manufacturers in 2013, and there was an 11.3% increase in IdentAlloy/IdentCeram certificate demand from 2012 to 2013.

A nationwide survey of dentists conducted by the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council found that 91.2% favor composition certification of the restorative materials they prescribe. Additionally, over 97% reported that dental labs who include free materials certification with every case are preferred. The IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council survey also requested dentists to indicate the major benefits of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram materials certification program. Here are the front-runners:

93.9%              “Ensuring material quality and content”

75.8%              “Attesting to the quality of the lab.”

54.5%              “Improving risk management”

36.4%              “Streamlining record-keeping”

The growing demand for materials verification, not only ensures the quality and composition of the products being used, but makes record-keeping easier and risk-management more effective for both the dental laboratory and the dentist. Chuck Yenkner, Executive Director of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council, explains, “it costs dentists and labs nothing to request the certificates. They then have a way to document their choice of material for patients and every other stakeholder in the procedure.”

The Ratava Group (RG) is committed to distributing high quality products that make the dental technician’s work easier and final restorations more beautiful. RG provides IdentAlloy and IdentCeram Certificates free of charge for all materials. These materials include Zirconia, Chrome Cobalt (Type 4) CAD/CAM Discs, and Titanium (Grade 5) CAD/CAM Discs.


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RG Exhibits at DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium for 3rd Year

This past weekend RG trekked across the country to the Dental Laboratory Owners Association of California (DLOAC) 11th Annual CAD/CAM Symposium. RG has
exhibited and presented at the CAD/CAM Symposium for the past three years and this is easily one of RG’s favorite shows. This year the show was a little different than in previous years, as it was held on Halloween weekend. Although we think this may have been the reason the show wasn’t as busy as previous years, it was certainly the reason for the show being more light-Allison & Robyn 1hearted and fun!

The DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium is always the perfect opportunity to visit our west coast customers! RG flew out to California a day early to visit a few new and long-time customers. It is so important to see how our technicians and labs operate on a day-to-day basis, so that we can better understand the needs of our customers and learn how to serve them best.

The first day of the symposium was Halloween. RG got into the spirit and decorated the booth with creepy-crawly spiders, cobwebs, and candy, of course! All of the booths offered candy and a few exhibitors even wore costumes. Our neighboring exhibitors from TD Dental Supply costumed as Jesse and Walt from Breaking Bad, which got quite a laugh from most of the attendees.

On the mornings of Friday and Saturday, the DLOAC had presentations that offer CE credits to dental technicians. RG’s President & Founder Allison Raver presented on Saturday morning. The room was nearly full on Saturday in anticipation for Allison’s presentation. RG’s presentation offered several helpful hints for optimizing production using various products and getting a longer life out of milling machine tools. This was very different from other present
ations, which were more sales-focused. It was great to see attendees taking pictures and videos of the RG presentation, as we know what the lab owners and technicians are finding to be useful. It is exciting that our presentations are helpful and add value. It also helps that Allison is a very dynamic presenter! RG is proud that customers call in months and years down the road and mention how memorable the information and delivery was at past presentations.

At the close of the show on Saturday, RG packed up and made one last, very important stop: In-N-Out Burger!! Can you say “Double-Double Animal Style?!?”

This year the symposium was very well organized and ran incredibly smooth. The organization did an excellent job of planning for the exhibitors, attendees, and their families. RG is looking forward to exhibiting at the 12th Annual DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium in 2015!

RG Publishes New Catalog

A new, updated catalog for RG’s CAD/CAM Materials Catalog coverand Accessories is now available! In the past year, RG has added over 500 SKUs to their existing line of high quality products.

With tradeshow season around the corner, RG has revamped the catalog to not only include all new availabilities, but to provide more technical data and helpful hints for using the materials. Where most catalogs serve as solely as a buyer’s guide, RG believes the catalog should be an educational tool for customers. The new RG catalog made its debut at the DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium in Garden Grove, CA October 31st – November 2nd.

The catalog  includes new products, such as a Scan Spray, Occlusal Spray, Diamond Polishing Paste, and Multi-Layered PMMA. RG has also added to their vast line of diamond-coated and carbide milling machine tools for Zirconia, CoCr, Ti, Wax, and PMMA.

Call RG today for your copy!  855-472-8282

Now Offering White Diagnostic Wax

Dx Wax 3

To meet growing customer demand, The Ratava Group (RG) has added a new product to their line of CAD/CAM materials and accessories: a white/opaque, millable diagnostic wax.

RG’s White Diagnostic Wax is a high quality, competitively-priced item. This new product is a millable, low-cost product that gives the patient, dentist, and technician an accurate preview of how the finished restoration will look and what is realistically attainable for a patient.

RG prides itself on its customer service and meeting the demands of the constantly evolving CAD/CAM marketplace. Discs are currently available in the 98mm with step in the 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25mm heights. All RG products are stocked and ship from Tampa, Florida.