Allison Raver, President/Founder

While working as the Vice President of an international dental lab and milling center, Allison Raver and her staff frequently worked with German products and found these products to be exceptional, but were costly to import and had a slow delivery time. Later, putting her ideas, skills, and contacts into motion and getting feedback from the dental community, the groundwork for starting this company began to fall into place.

In October 2011, Allison decided to explore her entrepreneurial side and began offering her sales and marketing expertise and extensive knowledge of the dental industry to German manufacturers and North American dental laboratories who desired to change their marketing strategies, improve product offerings, increase North American sales, and become leading brands.

Founding The Ratava Group, Allison has taken her international product expertise and helped identify an easier way to get these high-quality, highly-desired products into the hands of skilled technicians to better service their customers—dentists within North America.


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Allison Raver. Founder Ratava Group. Supplier of High Quality Dental Tools