RG Publishes New Catalog

A new, updated catalog for RG’s CAD/CAM Materials Catalog coverand Accessories is now available! In the past year, RG has added over 500 SKUs to their existing line of high quality products.

With tradeshow season around the corner, RG has revamped the catalog to not only include all new availabilities, but to provide more technical data and helpful hints for using the materials. Where most catalogs serve as solely as a buyer’s guide, RG believes the catalog should be an educational tool for customers. The new RG catalog made its debut at the DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium in Garden Grove, CA October 31st – November 2nd.

The catalog  includes new products, such as a Scan Spray, Occlusal Spray, Diamond Polishing Paste, and Multi-Layered PMMA. RG has also added to their vast line of diamond-coated and carbide milling machine tools for Zirconia, CoCr, Ti, Wax, and PMMA.

Call RG today for your copy!  855-472-8282